Terrapulse on PulseChain

Building The Future Of Finance On PulseChain

Terrapulse will lead the development of DeFi protocols on the PulseChain network.

The Sacrifice Phase is Now Over

The sacrifice phase is now over. Terrapulse will launch shortly after PulseChain mainnet goes live.

We Are Believers in PulseChain Pushing Forward Rapid Adoption, Together

As a newly launched blockchain, PulseChain needs developers to build their projects on our network. New projects launched on PulseChain means an influx of capital, users, and communities. The more successful projects we have on our network the more will join, creating a flywheel effect. A single successful DeFi project can bring in millions of users, all of whom will need $PLS to transact. And the more people that need $PLS, the more valuable it becomes. But money is a secondary residual outcome that comes from achieving the primary objective: To lead the development of DeFi protocols on PulseChain forward.

One Central Token For All Terrapulse dApps

$TERRAP will be the central token behind all dApps we develop alongside the blockchain’s native token, $PLS. As origin wallet $TERRAP holders, you’ll attain all the value and potential price gains from the native token, as well as airdropped tokens and NFTs for future projects that may require its own tokenomics. The long-term internal objective of Terrapulse to become its own self-functioning ecosystem of dApps within PulseChain, and $TERRAP to be the centerstage underlying asset.

Sacrifice Details

The Sacrifice

The sacrifice phase began on April 21, 2022 and run for 10 days until May 1, 2022 at 4pm EST.

The Terrapulse sacrifice is to form a collective group of PulseChain advocates to push forward rapid adoption and long-term success of the new blockchain.

For long-term success, PulseChain needs massive adoption to become a major blockchain. It needs ambitious developers, teams, new and interesting projects, and the whales and institutions will follow. Terrapulse will be at the forefront of DeFi development in the PulseChain ecosystem. We only have one mission that drives everything: To drive PulseChain forward, long after the initial airdrop launch phase/craze is over.


All sacrificers will receive airdropped tokens into their wallets in the form of $TERRAP after the PulseChain mainnet officially launches.

Anyone who participates in the airdrop in the first 7 days will receive 100 points for every $1 sacrificed. After 7 days, the rate drops 5% per day for the remaining 3 days.

Bonus Multiplier

The bonus multiplier will be applied by WHEN you sacrifice, NOT by ranking of largest sacrifice wallets.

Sacrifices in the first 4 days will receive a 2.5X multiplier. The next 3 days will receive a 1.5X multiplier. The last 3 days will receive a 1X multiplier.

What is $TERRAP?

$TERRAP is the native token behind all Terrapulse projects. Holders of $TERRAP are long-term evangelists of PulseChain who believe in the mission of building and scaling PulseChain into a major blockchain player.

New projects and new communities on PulseChain bring users. More users bring more money into the network and increase the value of its underlying native tokens like $PLS and $PLSX.

Terrapulse is to become a vast pillar in the PulseChain ecosystem, driving development forward, and scaling the network as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Origin Wallet Club

Sacrificers of Terrapulse will be forever marked as origin addresses and receive a special place in line for all future Terrapulse projects. We’ll be treating the origin addresses almost as NFTs in the sense that they’ll receive whitelist spots and free airdrops in the future simply for owning their origin sacrifice addresses.

For example, if we build any dApp that requires its own native token, we’ll airdrop a determined amount to each origin sacrifice wallet before the actual launch. If we partner with or onboard a new project onto the PulseChain network, origin addresses will be part of the prelaunch token distributions. Anything we do going forward you will be a part of. Basically, origin addresses are treated like partners and you’re along for the ride on EVERYTHING going forward.

The Terrapulse origin sacrifice addresses will eventually be the most sought-after (and unattainable) wallets on the entire PulseChain network.

The Terrapulse Sacrifice Phase Is Now Over. Terrapulse will launch shortly after PulseChain mainnet goes live.